Why don't we use sensitive glue?

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We’ve all heard at one time or another that sensitive lash glue is ok to use on a client who displays sensitivity to adhesive. You may have a bottle stashed somewhere in your toolkit as a backup plan – just in case.

But – here’s the thing – using sensitive lash glue on sensitive clients does not mean they will not react to it. If anything, it can exacerbate the sensitivity, leaving you open to all kinds of legal repercussions.

Here’s why:
Sensitive clients are usually intolerant to the cyanoacrylate in the adhesive. Rather than using an alternative, sensitive adhesives simply use a lower concentrate of cyanoacrylate. Which means that sensitive adhesive still contains the substance that the client is sensitive to.

Think about how you would explain that one to the judge!
Yes, the client displays allergic symptoms, so instead of an alternative I just used a lower dose of the allergen on her instead!

I think we all know how that would pan out! So, if you want to protect yourself and look after your clients, avoid using sensitive adhesive.

Stingy eyes durig the application is different which has something to do with the fumes of the adhesive. Read more about that in our blog post TIPS FOR MANAGING ALLERGIC REACTIONS AND IRRITATIONS



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