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When it comes to applying eyelash extensions, there is one tool to rule them all - TWEEZERS! 🔥🔥

 While many think that tweezers are basically all the same, lash artists know that this is far from the truth. There are a wide range of different tweezers to suit different types of lashes and application techniques, so it is important to know your stuff when it comes to using the ultimate lash tool. 

Let’s take a look at the differences between tweezers and which techniques are best for each one:

Slanted tweezers

Super easy to hold, slanted tweezers have a 30-60°angle which allows for precise application of lashes. These types of tweezers are great for using the advanced “wiggle” application technique – when you wiggle the lashes into place alongside the natural lash line to produce a perfect finish

Volume tweezers
Featuring an L shaped 90° curve, volume tweezers close very tightly, allowing you to pick up lashes with a lot of volume. These types of tweezers tend to require a lot of practice as they can be slightly tricky to handle. This makes them ideal for the advanced artist using a technique such as the “fan and grab” method, where you grip the lashes and spread them out into a fan

Straight tweezers

Almost everyone has a pair of straight tweezers in their makeup bag, these are the ones with a super pointy tip. They are great all-rounders as the fine point allows you to place and separate individual lashes. They are also super flexible which makes them great for a wide range of application techniques, from gripping the smallest lash to placing them in the most awkward spaces

Curved tweezers
Curved tweezers have a dramatic curve of about 60° and close like a clamp to allow for the perfect manipulation of finer lashes. Many lash artists use these tweezers to do the “rolling” technique which is when you press the lashes down with the curved end and roll them from side to side to fan them out

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