Did you know cotton reacts with glue?

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Hi babes,

Your clients want fuller, longer, more luscious lashes AND to toss those tubes of mascara, right? And you know that getting lash extensions is a simple, but impactful beauty treatment to really make their eyes pop! But, for anyone from first time customers to long time lash experts, questions and reservations can arise.

What is the best and safest way to apply lash extensions? What products should be used to get effective, beautiful results? Just like you, we are totally committed to safety and comfort as we work our magic however, we also want to be educated and informed so that our clients can relax and enjoy their experience, while trusting us to deliver perfect results.

So, this week, we’re giving you the details on an essential piece of the lash extension process… the adhesive!

Chances are you’ve heard of cyanoacrylate. This is the active ingredient all lash adhesives and is best known as the sticky part of the lash glue. You can thank cyanoacrylate for safely and effectively keeping extensions clinging comfortably to the natural lash.

• The adhesive applicator should be cleaned after each use. The nozzle should be free of any debris or residue before use on any client

• Do not get cotton or wool in contact with cyanoacrylate. When this particular component comes into contact with cotton, a powerful chemical reaction occurs, producing heat. This can cause serious irritation and burns in some cases

• Do not use cotton swabs or pads for cleaning your client’s lashes. Small cotton fiber can be left behind and if that gets in contact with your adhesive, heat can be produced, very close to your client’s eye. Instead use microbrushes or lip gloss wands.

So what is the solution? Our brand new adhesive wipes, made with non woven fabric that doesn't react with adhesive. We absolutely love these in our salon and know you will too!

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