Top Tips for the Perfect Lash Consultation Every Time!

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If there’s one thing that will set your business apart from the rest, it’s a good consultation..

Consultations are key when it comes to identifying exactly what it is that your client wants out of their eyelash extensions, which means they are the most important part of providing a good and successful experience. 

After all, if your client doesn’t get what they were hoping for, they aren’t going to be happy with the results. So, how do you find out what it is that your client is after?

  • Start with a pre-consultation on the phone to ensure that they are a good candidate for extensions. Check at this stage whether they have any known allergies to adhesives, whether they wear glasses or contacts, and whether they have unusually sensitive eyes. Do they sleep on their face or pick their eyelashes out? If so they might not be a good candidate. 
  • When you have established that the client is a good candidate, your next step is to arrange a consultation to find out what kind of look they are after. Do they want something subtle, or over-the-top glam? Do they want volume, length, or both?
  • Always establish what your clients’ expectations are and manage them as best you can. If they have short, sparse lashes then it is unlikely that they will achieve a super glamourous look because their lashes will not hold the weight. Make sure that they fully understand the limitations of their lashes before starting. 
  • Another top tip is to find out about their lifestyle. If your client spends lots of time playing sports or exercising, a glamorous look might not be suitable as it is more high maintenance and there will be more chance of fall out. 

 Once you have your consultations nailed, you can be sure that your clients will have an awesome experience that they will rave about to all their friends. 


Happy lashing, lovelies! 



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