Why Sky Glue S+ Is My Choice Of Adhesive.

Posted by Christin Hor on

There are so many discussions out there what Sky Glue is the best to use. There are so many types A,B,C,D,D+,S,S+...

The most used Sky Glues are D, S and S+.

As you can see on the chart Sky Glue S+ is the Strongest Sky Glue, but compared to that is low in fumes, that's why it is my favourite!

What are the colour of the glue caps mean?
You can't really go of the colour of the cap of the Sky Glue bottles, as the wholesaler gives different options on colours to choose from. Even though that most of the time that certain types stick to one colour, that can be changed, just keep that in mind next time you purchase your favourite type. 

Sky Glue S+ facts:

  • Suitable for Classic and volume lashes
  • Super strong adhesive with low fumes
  • humidity level 45%-70%
  • Can hold eyelash extensions for 6-7 weeks.
  • Formaldehyde-Free
  • 2 seconds fast drying.
  • Glue is black in colour.
  • Thin in viscosity
  • Can be stored in fridge unopened, make sure you let it come to room temperature before opening
  • Once open, store upright in cool dark area or aluminium bag with silica satchels
  • Glue is ISO medical approved

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