Top Tips For Storing Your Eyelash Adhesive

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We’ve all been there, everything seems to be going so smoothly until the adhesive plays up and nearly ruins the day!


Unfortunately, many eyelash extension training courses do not cover the problems you can encounter with adhesive, so I’m here to give you some top tips on how to properly store and use eyelash glue so that you can get the most out of your stock.



Almost all eyelash adhesive is designed to work under the optimal temperatures of between 20º to 25º Celsius and humidity of between 40% to 60%, any warmer, cooler, drier, or wetter than that and the adhesive becomes much more difficult to work with. 

Use a digital thermometer to check the temperature of your working environment, adjust the air conditioning or heating to ensure that the conditions are perfect for the adhesive.



When it comes to storing your adhesive, the bottle needs to be kept upright in an even room temperature away from warm or cooler temperatures. It is beneficial to keep the glue in a dark place, such as an aluminium bag, with a small sachet of silica gel or a small foam esky to maintain the humidity in the bag. Storing the bottle in a bag like this prevents any air flow around the adhesive which will help it to last longer.

We don’t recommend storing your adhesive in the fridge, as condensation could occur when taking glue out of the fridge. That means little water drops can build inside the bottle due to the temperature change and react with the glue. 

When the adhesive is stored like this, the shelf life of an unopened bottle is 12 months and once opened, must be used within 7 weeks. 



Always shake the bottle vigorously before use and tip the bottle completely upside down before squeezing out the glue. This ensures that the glue is fully mixed before use which reduces exposure of the adhesive to air and humidity.  

Once you have dispensed the adhesive, wipe any residue from the nozzle with baking paper or a make-up sponge (anything which is not made from cotton) and immediately screw the lid down. This will help to retain the bonding power of the glue and avoid any deterioration of the nozzle.

On a particularly hot or humid day, use smaller drops of glue every few minutes and avoid adding more glue to the same drop as this will affect the strength and lasting times of the bond.

I hope these tips help you to maximise your stock and avoid any issues with adhesive. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.


Happy lashing, lovelies!



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