Why Alcohol Based Primers Could Cost You Clients

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Ever wondered why your clients come back with dry, flaky eyelids or brittle eyelashes after a lash treatment? This is caused by alcohol in the lash primer.

After priming a client’s natural lashes using an alcohol based primer, the alcohol in the solution can sit on their skin for a few days, causing the skin and hair follicles to dry out. This dryness can lead to flaky skin. 

Applying too much alcohol based primer means the fluid can leak into the client’s eyes, causing a burning sensation which needs to wash out immediately. Not a great look for your salon. The skin around the eyes is super delicate and sensitive, so using harsh chemicals like alcohol in this area should be avoided completely.

Alcohol based primers also remove all moisture from the lashes, which the lash glue needs in order to cure (polymerize). Removing that moisture with alcohol based primers dehydrates the area making it brittle, less flexible, and harder to for lashes to bond to.


So, what is the solution? Our alcohol-free primer, that’s what!

Our gentle liquid uses natural ingredients to remove oil, dust, bacteria, and proteins so that you can extend the bonding time on natural lashes without the nasty side effects of alcohol.

Containing water, a mild antiseptic to kill bacteria, a gentle surfactant to remove proteins and oils, and the beautiful scent of rose extract, you can be sure that our primer will soothingly prepare the eye area while helping to extend the life of your lashes.

Upgrade your primer and keep your clients happy. Order yours today.  


Happy lashing, lovelies!



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