Shake it like a Polaroid Picture!

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Ever wondered why your adhesive isn’t working quite how you want it to? 

Does it come out separated? Cures too fast? Won’t stay in a round bead?


It’s all down to the shake.


Even though it appears to be a relatively simple addition to your tool kit, adhesive requires a degree of maintenance to make sure that it works perfectly every time.


Shake it

When adhesives have been sat on the shelf, even for just a few minutes, their chemical components begin to separate. Heavier molecules will sink to the bottom, while the lighter ones rise to the top.  This means that the adhesive needs a strong shake for around 1 minute so that the molecules in the mixture can work together properly. 


For new bottles or ones which have not been used in a while, vigorously shake the adhesive for a good two minutes to ensure that it is evenly mixed. A further light shake between drops will give you the perfect consistency of components in each drop.


If you would prefer to save all that shaking for the dancefloor, electronic mixers can give you the peace of mind that manual mixing might not provide.


TOP TIP: Always crack the seal of new glue bottle and cut off the sealed tip before mixing it as this will allow the adhesive to mix more effectively. Open the bottle to allow exposure to the air and then re-cover before mixing.


It’s getting hot in here

Believe it or not, but the temperature of the adhesive can also affect its ability to work effectively. To make sure you are working with the right temperature, remove any adhesives from the fridge or freezer well in advance of any appointments with clients and always avoid the temptation to heat them up so that they reach room temperature quicker.


One drop a time

It might seem obvious but carrying out a test sample of 1-2 beads before each use will mean you can be confident that the consistency is correct and the adhesive is perfectly mixed. Then, carefully dispense one drop of the mixture at a time to avoid wastage and to keep the adhesive fresh.


I hope that this information helps you keep your clients happy and your lashes lashing!


Happy lashing, lovelies!





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