What retention issues? 🙅🏼

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This week I wanted to cover one of the most challenging aspects of being a lash artist, the dreaded premature lash loss...


It can be super frustrating for both you and your client when this happens. We all know that retention issues are not necessarily the fault of the lash artist, but it always pays to know the best ways to avoid it so that you can help your lash biz every step of the way.


  • Check your work space:
    Lash glue works best when the room has a humidity range between 40-70%. Investing in a hydrometer is the smartest way to check that the humidity in your lash room is at the perfect level. If it is too humid, use a dehumidifier or humidifier to bring levels up or down as necessary


  • Maintain temperature:
    To keep glue super consistent, your room needs to maintain a temperature between 22 - 25°C. Keep a thermometer attached to the wall so that you can easily see if you need to turn the cooling up or down 


  • Clean lashes:
    This is the most important step of all. If the lashes have any makeup, natural oils, or moisturiser on them then the client’s chances at lash retention are going to be hugely reduced


  • Aftercare tips:
    Always provide your client with aftercare advice. No water on the lashes for 24 hours after application, no high temperatures directed at lashes, use oil free makeup and removers and keep them clean, this would also be a great way to offer your lash shampoo to your clients if you sell them


Hopefully with these tips you should find that your lash retention rate soars through

Just like outcast sang in he-ya, 'Shake it like a Polaroid picture' Always remember to shake your lash glue thoroughly before each new client. This is because the glue compounds can separate when the glue sits for too long. Shake for at least 60 seconds each time to ensure that you get the best consistency

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