Different Eyelash Tapes ♡

Posted by Christin Hor on

Tape is an essential when it comes too lashing! But what tape is best for you and your clients needs?⁠

Let's break it down ..  ⁠

1. Foam Tape - This tape is best used on clients who may have a reaction to eye pads or have tape allergies, plus foam tape can be used close to the eyelid with minimal irritation. The thickness of the tape acts like a cushion protecting your client from the tweezers. 

2. ⁠Micropore Tape - The perfect addition to eye pads as it is easy to remove, is the least sticky tape and is suitable for clients with sensitive skin. 

3. Green Tape - Very similar to Micropore plus easier to tear due to pores in the tape. 

4. Japan Tape - Perfect for those who are still learning, as lashes do not stick to this tape.  It has a smooth surface, similar to plastic and tears with ease. 

5. Transparent Tape - This tape is usually used to help lift the eyelids to assist with lashing. Easy to tear, soft surface and versatile.

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