Staying Ahead of the Competition

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From finding new clients to investing in training and finding the best products for you, the life of a lash artist certainly comes with its own set of challenges. We all know that nothing is more challenging than when another lash artist appears to set up in competition with you!

But instead of getting annoyed and spending hours trawling their Instagram, keep your cool and follow these simple steps to stay ahead of the game:

Set Up Loyalty Schemes

If you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to keep the customers you have and encourage them to refer others to you by introducing a loyalty scheme. Giving away freebies and discounts is the perfect way to get clients committed to your salon and will encourage them to book future appointments.

Turn Up The Smile Factor

If you think your customer service is pretty good, now is the time to take it up to the next level. Making clients feel special, relaxed, and comfortable is a sure-fire way of ensuring that they come back time and time again. Go the extra mile by really listening to your client during their consultation and by adding finishing touches such as candles, blankets, and seasonal drinks to make them feel as though they are having the best lash experience of their lives!

Don’t Compete On Price

Bringing your prices down will only mean lowering the industry standard overall. That just means no one will get paid properly and we will all go out of business! If you find your competition is cheaper, take comfort in knowing that sometimes clients prefer to pay more as they believe it means a more experienced lash technician and a better lash experience.  

Lose The Negativity

The worst thing you can do is to dwell on the situation and allow it to bring you down. 

Bad-mouthing your competition will ultimately make you look bad, so treat it as a learning curve on how to grow and develop your business. Competition pushes us out of our comfort zones, and that can lead to all kinds of awesome successes that we had never thought of before!

Most of all, enjoy being kept on your toes! Complacency can lead to laziness, and no one wants a lazy lash technician!


Happy lashing, lovelies!

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