Avoiding Lash Fallout

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Do you ever wonder why sometimes your lashes last for weeks and weeks while other lashes last for a few days, leaving you questioning your own techniques?

The truth is, it depends on a whole variety of factors.


Ok, ok, not everyone wants to hear this, but a poor application process can lead to a faster rate of lash fallout. Not properly cleansing the eye area before application, using too much or too little adhesive, not working quickly enough or using a product that has gone past its best before date are all factors that will decrease the longevity of your lashes. Try to limit the possibility of poor application by making sure that you are not tired or rushed for your clients. 


There are some adhesives on the market that are simply not designed to last. It’s always a good idea to invest in a super strong, professional glue, such as our Lashed Up Pro S Adhesive! Which can and will hold eyelash extensions for between 7-8 weeks.



Natural Eyelash Cycle

It is important to remember that everyone’s eyelash cycle is different!

So if a client is at the beginning of their cycle when they make an appointment, it is likely that their lashes will last longer. Each cycle has three phases – growth (anagen), transition (catagen), and resting (telogen). Hair grows during the anagen phase then transitions to the resting phase until it falls out. This is why you will find that sometimes the eyelashes are better and have lasted longer but at the next appointment more have fallen out again, as they are always in different stages. 


The humidity of the salon during application can have a huge impact on the longevity of the adhesive. When the glue cures too fast or too slow, it affects the bonding process, which means that lashes can fall out a lot sooner than usual. Make sure you follow the guidelines on the adhesive instructions to ensure optimal conditions during application.




While most clients will say that they have taken proper care of their lashes, sometimes this is not the case. Make sure once you have concluded the appointment that you remind your client of the importance of proper lash aftercare. Be sure to advise them to avoid rubbing their eyes, to not use oil on their lashes and to avoid eyelash curlers. 

So next time a client mentions their lashes are falling out, try not to blame yourself right away! 

As it could be happening due to a whole variety of different reasons and/or factors.


Have a wonderful week lashing!

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