Difference between Hand-made Volume Lashes and Pre-made Fans

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So what are hand-made volume lashes? 
  • Volume extensions are applied with very fine extensions (thinner than your natural lashes) and either 2,3,4 up to 8 lash extensions (fans) will be applied to one of your natural lashes. We hand make and customise the volume fans to your natural lashes, being careful not to overload them. The extensions will be evenly fanned out before applying to the natural lash, that’s why the application takes longer than other sets.
What are pre-made fans?
  • Pre-made fans, also called pro-made lashes, are volume fans that are produced in advance by a wholesale lash provider and sent to the lash artists ready for dipping and placing on the customer’s eyelash. Briefly, it is mainly made by machines.

Pre-made cons:

  • Heavier
  • More glue, as already pre-glued to keep the fan together. 
  • Less glue bonding to natural lash, (less retention time) as they just sit on top and not wrap around the natural lash like a handmade fan
  • Less customizable, as they already pre-made, while we can customize the amount of lashes with every fan we make. 
Why would other lash technician use pre-made lashes?
  • Quicker 
  • Needs less skill because premades are applied like a classic lash.
Hand made volume:
Why we choose them?
  • We can customise every single fan.
  • Less glue, as they are not pre-glued.
  • Lashes wrap around the natural lash and last longer that way. 
  • Thinner base. 
Why don't all lash technicians offer hand-mades if they are better for your lashes? 
  • It is an advanced technique, which requires additional training and practice
  • Takes longer to complete a full set or infills
  • Requires expert tools, like tweezers and glue
  • Need to be at an expert level of classic lashes before the training for volume lashes can even begin

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