Are bookings a little slow? Here are some ideas....

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Those dreaded slow weeks, we all get them... But, don’t despair! As there are a few ways you can use these weeks to your advantage - hallelujah! 


Work on your social media accounts:

Social media is super important for any lash artist. Not only does it create an online portfolio of your work, but it also allows people to leave reviews for your business. If your social media has been taking a back seat lately, use the spare time you have to edit and schedule some post, interact with other lash businesses & network, network, network!


Sales, promotions, competitions:

Nothing gets people through the door faster than a one-off promotion. (I mean who doesn't love a sale?!) Offer a discount on a full set of lashes or work out a bonus if client's book in, for example "receive a free brow wax with any full set booked." Remember to always create a sense of urgency by saying "only for a limited time" or "only limited spots available".

Creating competitions is a great way to gain more followers and putting the word out. You can also collaborate with other businesses in your area to create a even bigger competition and advertise to their clients.

For example: You can collaborate with a hairdresser around the corner and offer a half head of foils with a full set of lashes. That then will be promoted to the hairdressers client's which brings you potentially more clients and wise versa. 

Be ready:

One of the best things you can do to manage slow weeks is to prepare for them. If some weeks are busier than others, put some of your profit aside so that it will cover you in case you have a slow week later on. This way you won’t need to panic about paying bills and rent when your diary is looking a little on the empty side.

Precious you time:

Being self-employed has its perks. Those perks mean that every now and then you get the chance to put your feet up or go out for a coffee and have some you time, especially if you have been working super hard recently. Don’t beat yourself up that you’re having a slow week, just try to stay calm and know that busier times will come again. 

Until next time..

Happy lashing, lovelies!

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