Vetus Tweezers



Look No Further For Your Superior-Quality Vetus Tweezers

Lashed Up Lash Supplies is a proud supplier of one of the best-known brands of tweezer in the beauty industry – Vetus tweezers. These tweezers are precision-crafted to provide you with superior handling capability, which is precisely what you need when working with lash extensions.

Different kind of Tweezers

Many people would be shocked to find out how many different kinds of tweezers are available and how each set of tweezers have a unique use. Whether you prefer straight, slanted or curved tweezers, there are some mistakes that you can easily avoid.

A common mistake is not ensuring that you work in a well-lit space. Inadequate lighting often results in shadows, which means you won't be able to see what you're doing.

As with any job that requires a great deal of skill, you are unlikely to succeed if you don’t use the correct tools. We are sure you agree that it is critical to use the appropriate tweezers for lash extensions.

Little Known Facts about Boot Tweezers

Boot tweezers have a wider grab area, and their sharp tips are essential when working on fan extensions.

  • According to records, tweezers were invented due to the convenience that other tools such as pliers or tongs provided for holding or gripping something.
  • In the beauty industry, tweezers are used to pluck eyebrows or to add eyelash extensions, but the electronics industry also uses tweezers in manufacturing some of the more delicate components. You could even use tweezers if you’re a fan of building model cars or trains. Tweezers have even made an appearance in world-class kitchens.
  • The earliest known record of tweezers dates back to ancient Egypt thousands of years ago, although these would have been a far more primitive version of today’s precision-engineered boot tweezers.

About Lashed Up Lash Supplies

Based in the northern Gold Coast, our salon doors opened in 2013. Since then, we have worked hard to establish our reputation for providing premium-quality products and services – many of which you can buy directly from our online store. Our focus is mainly on lashes, and we use vegan-friendly and cruelty-free products to work our magic.

If you’d like to order tweezers from our range, please feel free to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.