Micropore Tape



Micropore Tape Allows for a Simpler Application Process for Lash Extensions

Lashed Up Lash Supplies offers everything you would need to create beautiful, fluffy eyelashes. Our micropore tape is kind to the sensitive skin around your eyes. It provides a secure connection, with easy removal, causing your client no discomfort during the application process.

What You Should Know About Microfoam Tape

Microfoam tape offers multiple advantages over the traditional eye-pads, as they can move around. Used during application to cover your clients’ lower lashes, this tape avoids entanglement.

  • Microfoam tape is latex-free and does not offer any discomfort or irritation to your eyes. Its sticky formula stays in place, and won’t shift if your client moves or talks. This tape is more cost-effective than collagen pads, as collagen strips require additional tape to stay stuck.
  • Using a two-inch piece of tape per eye will ensure the roll lasts for around 200 clients. Always start on the eye's inner corner so that you flatten the inner lashes while sticking the tape. As the tape is stretchy, this size will be sufficient.
  • Avoid touching your clients' conjunctiva on their lower lid with the tape, as this will cause discomfort and watering eyes. Initially placing the tape too low, and using smaller pieces to cover any lashes you may have missed proves the most effective application method.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Your Sky Glue

Sky Glue is a world-renowned lash adhesive, known for its quick-drying capabilities, and long-lasting stickiness. It works well on volume and classic eyelash extensions as its formulation holds even the heaviest lashes. It is suitable for use on the most sensitive skin, thanks to its high quality, hypoallergenic ingredients.

  • Once you have opened your Sky Glue, storing it in a cool, dry place ensures your bottle will last around eight weeks. Unopened bottles keep for up to six months on a shelf, and up to eight months in your refrigerator.
  • Before starting the application process, it is important to ensure that your salon's humidity is at the correct level for optimum results. If your humidity is high, your Sky Glue will dry too quickly, and the adhesive properties will not bond correctly. A dry environment may cause the glue to dry too slowly and affect the bond's strength. A hygrometer measures humidity levels in your room, to offer optimum levels of moisture for lash application.
  • Make sure you use alcohol-free primer, as alcohol dries out natural lashes. Sky Glue bonds to natural moisture produced on your lashes, and dry lashes will not properly adhere. to lash extensions. Proper preparation includes a basic cleanse and rinse, with a thorough dry with a paper tissue.

Signs You Should Invest Microfoam Tape

There are three factors to consider when deciding which tape to use: eye shape, skin type, and skin sensitivity. Manufactured from medical grade ingredients, Microfoam tape is suitable for all skin types, and sensitive skin. The stretchiness provides ease of use with unique facial features, and the removal is painless. For more information about our high quality lash accessories, contact us.