Eyelash Glue



Everything You Should Know About Eyelash Glue

You can deliver exceptional service and provide beautiful, natural-looking lash extensions to your clients with quality and professional eyelash glue. With its quick-drying action, strong-hold and formaldehyde-free formula, our selection of eyelash adhesive is a must-have product for every lash technician.

The Importance of Using Professional Eyelash Adhesive

By using professional eyelash adhesives, you can ensure that your client’s extensions are comfortable and won’t cause damage to their natural lashes.

  • It has a quick drying time: As a trained technician, you will adhere one extension to your client’s natural lash. To prevent holding the two lashes together for prolonged amounts of time, quality fast-drying glue can make the application process easier and faster. You should look for a product that contains cyanoacrylate, which is the main ingredient that causes the glue to dry within a few seconds.
  • It is a strong adhesive: Lash extensions should last up to seven or eight weeks. A quality adhesive is essential to ensure that your clients' extensions remain firmly attached to their natural lash for the expected amount of time without becoming flaky or uncomfortable. Acrylate is the organic acid found in cyanoacrylate that causes the product to harden and gives the glue a strong bond.
  • You can get the perfect lash colour: Quality lash extension glue comes in a black colour which can enhance the full, dark look of the eyelashes as it allows for better blending and definition.

What Can You Expect from Lashed Up Lash Supplies Regarding Eyelash Extensions Glue?

We have an extensive range of quality and professional products.

  • Quality Products: You can get everything you require for a lash extension application from our premium range of products. We provide cruelty-free products such as our Lashed Up adhesive and adhesive cream remover which are safe to use and don’t cause irritation. You can enjoy the convenience of our various online product options, including our eyelash bundles which contain essential items or purchase other tools and accessories in one order.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: While we provide premium products that are ideal for professional lash technicians, we also have a wealth of information on our blog. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are also happy to answer any questions and assist you in finding the correct product for your requirements.
  • Prompt order processing: We process and package your order on the same day it’s placed so you can use your products as soon as possible. You can readily order quality products on our user-friendly website with secure payment options. We offer various payment plans, including Apple Pay, Zip Pay, and Afterpay. We offer free delivery in Australia with purchases over a certain amount.

Why Trust Lashed Up Lash Supplies Regarding Lash Cleanser and Adhesive?

We provide a wide range of quality and professional lash supplies including glue, cleanser, tapes, starter kits and more so that you can give your clients’ beautiful and natural-looking eyelash extensions. We supply cruelty-free products and formaldehyde-free adhesive that is safe, comfortable and easy to use. Our professional and friendly team process orders promptly, and we deliver Australia-wide. Contact us to order quality lash extension supplies.