Eyelash Extension Course Gold Coast



Earn Your Lash Certification with our Eyelash Extension Course in the Gold Coast

Investing in an eyelash extension course in the Gold Coast will kick-start your career in the beauty industry. Lashed Up Lash Supplies offer eyelash extension training in the Gold Coast to begin your career as a lash tech.

The Benefits of Investing in Eyelash Extension Training in the Gold Coast

Lashes aren’t just for special occasions anymore; now every girl wants them for everyday use. Lash technicians are now in high demand, making it a good industry to get into if you’re looking for a career path.

  • You get to work with a wide variety of different clients, which makes each day new and exciting. Teaming up with other lash technicians enables you to share information, or even open your own salon. Gone are the days of monotonous working environments, and chatting to clients is fulfilling, and never boring. You can expand on your product offering by doing brows and other areas within the beauty industry.
  • Most lash technicians choose to work from home, saving time on commuting, as well as overhead costs. The home makes for a convenient workspace that also allows for flexibility. As you are your own boss, you can decide when to take on customers, and when to have some time for yourself. Working around school pick-ups, and shopping sprees is easy when you’re allowed to schedule clients in your own time.
  • Being an independent lash technician can make you a lot of money. Whether you’re doing it part-time, or for a full day, a lash extension course in the Gold Coast in a great financial investment. Lashes are becoming increasingly popular, and with the right marketing tools, you can propel your business into a profitable venture. The more practice you get in, the better you’ll become, and the more money you can charge your clients.

Tips When Completing Your Lash Extension Course in the Gold Coast

So, you’ve almost completed your eyelash extension training in the Gold Coast, and you’re ready to start your own business. Following these steps can start filling your appointment schedule and get you on the road to career independence.

  • Provide a few clients with a free set of lashes in the beginning. These clients will use word of mouth to spread your name to potentially more clients.
  • Charging a special price for new sets that are slightly cheaper than a fill price will intrigue new clients, and then keep them coming back for their fills.
  • Providing a clean and relaxed environment creates a favourable image in your client’s eyes, which is important when working in this industry.
  • Competitive prices ensure that clients do not feel ripped off and that you are too cheap. Conduct some research into what other salons are charging, and place yourself in the middle.
  • Providing a good product as well as service will retain clients and offer repeat business.

Why Trust Lashed Up Lash Supplies Regarding a Lash Extension Course in the Gold Coast?

We hold our classes in a private setting where you receive 100% attention throughout your course. Professional and accredited lash technicians provide theory and practical knowledge during classes, with on-going guidance once you are complete. To enrol, contact us.