Eyelash Extension Course



What You Need to Know About an Eyelash Extension Course

When you want to take your career to the next level and offer your clients more beauty treatments, an eyelash extension course can assist you in expanding your service menu. As the demand for lash extensions increases, you can ensure that you meet your clients' needs with our professional and comprehensive training course. Our qualified technician offers one on one education and practical experience.

The Importance of a Lash Extension Course

Consider the benefits of taking a lash extension course with our highly skilled and experienced technician.

  • You can expand into a growing industry: Eyelash extensions are proving to be popular with women worldwide as one application can provide a natural and dense look that can last for weeks. A lash extension course is an ideal way to expand your skills and keep up with the competition in an ever-expanding beauty industry.
  • You can offer more services to your clients: We know that life can be busy, and women often don’t have time to shop around for beauty treatments. By mastering a variety of treatments, you can offer your clients a comprehensive list of services in one convenient location. A lash extension course is an ideal way to ensure that you can offer this service with confidence and skill.
  • You can maintain quality assurance: A lash technician course will ensure that you can safely and adequately apply extensions. You can confidently tell your clients that you have training in this area which can build trust between you and your customers and boost your clientele.

What You Can Expect from Lashed Up Lash Supplies Regarding an Eyelash Technician Course

We provide exceptional customer service, quality products and comprehensive training.

  • Classic beginner course: Our classic course is a perfect place to start if you’re new to the lash extension technique. You can readily complete this training over three days. It contains theory and practical experience where our technician will take you through comprehensive training from setting up your station to correct technique, client care and more.
  • Russian volume course: If you are confident in applying classic lash extensions and want to expand your skills, we offer our Russian volume course. You can learn how to create darker and longer-lasting lash sets over this two-day training program.
  • Professional technicians: Our highly trained and qualified technicians provide a comprehensive and professional course. We provide personalised training, and you can complete the course at a time that suits you over three consecutive days or at different times.


Why Trust Lashed Up Supplies Regarding Our Eyelash Technician Course?

We provide a comprehensive lash extension course for beginners and those wanting to learn new techniques. Our highly trained and professional technicians offer quality training where you learn the theory behind extension application, safety and hygiene, and gain practical experience. We use premium products that are cruelty-free and safe for clients and are dedicated to exceptional customer care and perfect technique. Upon completion of our course and passing your assessments, you will be a Certified lash extension technician. Contact us today to enrol in our course.